Owls Hall of Fame Information

Overlake Athletic Hall of Fame  

Hall of Fame Selection Committee 


  • 510 Committee Members 5 years as Head Coach and 10 years of total Overlake coaching service 


Criteria for Nomination 


Candidates may be nominated for recognition is one of three categories: athlete, team, or coach.  

Each nominee will be evaluated based upon the criteria listed below: 


  • As an Overlake team member, possessed character above reproach. 
  • Demonstrated positive sportsmanship on and off the field. 
  • Fostered positive relations with peers, opponents, coaches, and referees within the game 


The following will be considered for induction:  

  • Were they a State Champion? 
  • Did they place at State? 
  • Did they qualify for State Tournaments?  
  • Were they recognized at State Tournaments? 
  • Were they an all-league selection? 
  • Did they produce an outstanding statistical achievement (i.e. 1000 career points in basketball, 40 goals in soccer, etc.)?  
  • Overlake Athlete of the Year winner?  
  • Local Media Athlete of the Year Award Winner? 
  • Multi-sport letter winner? 



For a team to be considered for induction, winning a State Title is a point of consideration, but not necessary. The team may also have made an outstanding accomplishment within the context of the school’s history.  


For a coach to be considered for induction, they must have coached a varsity team at Overlake for a minimum of ten years in a single sport. The nominee will become eligible for Hall of Fame immediately upon retiring from coaching the varsity level at Overlake. The following criteria will also be considered; 


  • Are they a member of a recognized State Hall of Fame in their sport? 
  • Did they coach an Overlake State Championship Team? 
  • Did they win League championships? 
  • Did they make State Tournament appearances? 
  • Were they selected as Coach of the Year in league by their peers?  
  • Did they have a career winning percentage of 60% at Overlake? 
  • Was there athletic success by the individuals they coached? 
  • How many years of service did they have as an Overlake coach? 

Selection Process 

The Hall of Fame Induction will take place at The Golden Owls in May, during years in which the selection committee’s nominee meets the standard.  

  1. Individuals or teams for consideration can be submitted to the HOF committee by alums, coaches, or anyone else involved in Overlake Athletics.  
  2. Nominations submitted by December 1 will be considered by the committee for induction during the following year.  
  3. Nomination forms are available at www.goowls.com 
  4. A person nominating any candidate must provide full contact information. 
  5. Once a candidate is nominated, their nomination will stay on file unless removed by the committee. 
  6. To be elected to the Hall of Fame, a candidate must receive 75% of the votes of those present at the selection committee meeting. A minimum of half the group members plus one at the meeting is needed to hold a vote.   
  7. Any committee members being considered for the HOF selection are not eligible to vote for any candidate